Credits For
South Coast Reflector

1. Ramey Smith,KF5GXZ one of the control operators for the reflector. Ramey has great knowledge about Allstar node and Lots of computer experience and is a big help to the reflector.

2. Kenny Risenhoover,KG5NEA another control operator on the reflector. Kenny has lots experience with Ham radio and lots of experience with Allstar nodes.

3. Travis Jones, KG5TND Travis helps with the Air Conditioner units on all the repeater site and donated repeaters on the system. In Texas we have HOT weather here. Travis has his own A/C Company here in Conroe, Tx and if you need help he sure will help you out with your A/C work.
Jones Aegis Mechanical & Construction LLC

4. Southeast Texas Amateur Club has been a big help donating accessories to help with the cost a big thanks goes out to those involved.

5. Paul Dermody W5PTD- Paul has been a big help in setting up the YSF Fusion Bridge and Also helping me get the DMR Bridge straightened out believe me I had it all messed up. Paul also works on the hub's and repeater nodes he is well versed in Linux system. 

6. Scott Smith N7SAS has donated Motorola MTR 3000 repeaters for the system and Duplexers. The DMR repeaters that are on the system were donated by Scott brings a lot to the South Coast Reflector with his knowledge as a radio technician. He was a service tech for Motorola at one time. Now he is still in the communication business.

As you already know, the South Coast Reflector is a collaborative effort by many individuals. Without the generous help of so many, the SCR wouldn't be what it is today. So, if you've been looking to do your part, this is a great opportunity to do just that. Thanks for being a member of the South Coast Reflector. We look forward to hearing you on the Reflector.

Thanks for being apart of the South Coast Reflector,
Charles Powell